Farewell from friends, family and colleagues

With all the planning we wanted to do: done, our todo list getting shorter and our preparation as much completed as possible, we had to start the sad part…saying good bye to many friends, our families and colleagues at work, which we wouldn’t see for the next 6 months to come *smiley crying*

We don’t want to bother you with too many pictures of us over and over again with different people, but it was very good to feel so many people wanting to say “good bye” personally, making it much easier for us to leave and be sure not to be forgotten *smiley winking*

But not everybody could make it to our big(ger) farewell party…

So we ended up with this one, one farewell at the office for our colleagues and some individual ones for whoever couldn’t make it, but asked for it.

Inviting everybody to a farewell in the office has the advantage that you really get to know who is also personally interested in you and who not (so much). Luckily there was quite a number of people showing up. We obviously didn’t make too many enemies over the last nearly 5 years *smiley winking*

Side note on the last pictures: Yes, you are correct and Thorsten is drinking a K├Âlsch…but just as an accident as he forgot to say “Pils-Radler” when ordering. That’s also the reason why he doesn’t look as happy as he should in the pictures *smiley laughing*

Time for departure

And then the BIG day of our departure from Frankfurt was finally here, a year after the first thoughts and requesting a sabbatical, half a year after seriously starting the planning and a very busy, partly a bit hectic last 4 weeks.

With all the preparation none of us would have imagined to get stuck in Heathrow before even leaving Europe *smiley sad*

Note: This post was originally written in German back in 2009 and we gave it a “refresh” when transferring to our new domain in 2019

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