Ready to go – half a year, once around the globe

Time flew by quickly since we managed to do our route planning and we didn’t manage to publish any updates on our blog, as we were still working more than full-time in our project jobs as consultants and in parallel spending much of our free time to finalize our plans, getting even more excited and preparing for our big adventure.

I did one of the most important decisions to be ready for long-term traveling…my hair is now cut short and we will not have to pack a hair dryer into our luggage. Sounds much better in German, describing my hair style now as a “Ohne-Fön-Friese”, which suits much better for the colder Andes *smiley winking*

Now there are only 7 working days left…

Still many things to do

To give you an impression only on some of the key tasks – partly done, partly work in progress:

  • There are boxes standing around everywhere in the apartment
  • The car is handed over (please, no scratches, Mum *smiley winking* )
  • Picked up the international drivers license
  • Remaining todos on the list are getting less
  • We booked a hostel for the first nights in Quito*
  • Spanish language course (book and audio) are still on my desk and by far not worked through

And in parallel, I have to get familiar with the blog and its technical handling in the background…

All this is only a glimpse of the things Thorsten and myself have been working on over the past months. Aside we were busy with getting all required vaccinations, checking visa requirements, finding somebody to sub-rent my apartment, terminating the apartment of Thorsten, calming down our families from time to time, …

Maybe once we are on the road, we will have a chance to give you a more comprehensive and structured list of things to do for preparation of a long-term travel.

Enough writing for now, back to the orga topics and the farewell from friends, family and colleagues.

Note: This post was originally written in German back in 2009 and we gave it a “refresh” when transferring to our new domain in 2019

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