Vision 2019+

Time to refresh our Vision 2009 which got it all started about 10 years ago, when we planned our 6 months travel around the world.

Despite other rumors from people we know, there is still no risk of running out of ideas and motivation to travel. You can rather think about a time constraint we faced over the last years, but we have a mitigation idea…

Let us take you along, inspire you and bring the world out there a little closer to your home *smiley cool*

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How are we different from other travel blogs

Not sure. There is such a variety out there and we even follow some of these blogs, so ours might be similar to a few of them…however we aim to give posts here our own touch:

  • We love down to earth travel and experiencing real local life, this means less – or better – a different luxury, no posing just for the picture (well, maybe sometimes) and not just fancy places (well, again they are, but different)
  • Our travel style since more than 10 years is right in between spending a fortune, staying in 5-star resorts and barebone backpacking, getting older we enjoy some amenities while keeping touch to the locals
  • We will only show real travels we do, with tips and things we discover (nothing you usually find in the major guidebooks)
  • We blog because we are passionate about exploring the world and to keep it as our digital diary to flip through again when getting older (not to just make money with a blog)

What will be different than before

Not much and only those few of you that followed us before will anyhow notice, but we have some ideas and ambition to tweak things a bit:

  • Most important difference, we will have more time to explore as both of us will reduce work-time to 90% and have more free days each year to travel (in case you understand German, I wrote about my thoughts and some more details on my blog)
  • There will be different perspectives of our pictures, as we have “enhanced” our equipment with a drone* and a new underwater case and lights for our camera*
  • Very likely Iris will for various locations dedicate even a little bit more time on the culinary side, talking about food and cooking
  • And finally we will also use social media to stay connected with you and get in contact with other like-minded people, as you can see in the sidebar to follow us and below each post for sharing it with others

What journeys are already on our list

Half year through 2019 we are behind our plans, but will catch up over the next months with some exciting trips we did last year and some that are due shortly:

Already last year we visited the kingdom of Bhutan ?? hidden away in the Himalayan mountains and surrounded by 7000+ meters high peaks it is still to a large extend secluded from the rest of the world. However rumors have it that it’s people are amongst the happiest of the world…and what should I say…well, wait for our blog posts *smiley winking*

We also went to Jordan ?? on a detour from the Sinai peninsula at the Red Sea. I am sure it has many more things to explore, but already the ancient “carved in rocks” town of Petra and the dessert of Wadi Rum are highlights not to be missed.

Fixed on our list for this year is a road-trip to explore the north and west of Romania ??, whereas parts might be better known as Transylvania. Yes, right, that’s the Frankenstein castle area and cities around like Cludj, Sibiu and Timisoara.

Venturing a bit further away we also plan to visit Indonesia ?? for some exquisite diving and nature observations in the area of North Sulawesi. For island lovers, which Indonesia has some 10.000 thousands of, we target the Bunaken National Marine Park and the Straight of Lembeh.

Completing a well-packed schedule we potentially are also going to extend our diving capabilities further re-visiting some nice reefs around Dahab in Egypt ??.

And always, taking the opportunities as they occur, there will be a few city tips near and far away for nice impressions and culinary delights to share with you *smiley smiling*

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Additional ideas? Where will your next travel bring you?
Leave us a comment…

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  1. Hi there,

    I always enjoyed your blog over the last ten year, and I am looking forward to share your new experiences. Keep on going and all the best *smiley smiling* *smiley smiling*

    Peter J.

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