Vision 2009 – Around the World in six months

Do you know this feeling, when looking at something you did about 10 years ago?

Yes, I know, it’s by no means up to your current standards and this is exactly the same for me, but reading through the first message we posted in 2009 for our friends and family to follow our steps around the world makes me feel different…it’s rather about: “This was special! How can we do it again?

This is really how it all started for Iris and myself becoming travel-addicts…

In 2008 it was confirmed that we both will have a sabbatical from our jobs. And the plan was to travel the full 6 months from July to December 2009. We were fully excited and started our long-list of ideas…

What we came up with was a rough outline along the One World route network to use their round-the-world ticket option. No chance to use Star Alliance despite having already accumulated some Miles & More miles due to their lack of presence in Latin America, which we definitely wanted to visit.

Coming closer to Christmas for once I had a good idea of a present for Iris, one that is special and doesn’t add more stuff we anyhow couldn’t take along with us on the journey *smiley winking*

A video preview of our 6 months together on the road

And after quite some nights gathering images, putting texts to them, selecting some background music and putting all over and over again into an online tool, and handing it over as a present – we put it live on what now became our blog:

The original first entry

And here are some first previews of the potential places to be in 2009 *smiley cool*

To watch the videos just continue and click on the images to start…

Part 1

Part 2

Anything missing? *smiley winking*

Of course some things changed until we finally took off, others required some adjustments while being on the road, but the rough outline you can follow reading through our round-the-world adventure and we were setup for planning on of our biggest adventures

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