Banos, EcuadorBanos, Ecuador

Banos – backpacker hangout with some treats

On the way to Banos, we passed the small town of Pelileo. Sorry this will be an “insider” as opener: There is no tourist sites here. Nothing like that, but then what’s special about it? @IC community of our readers: Pelileo is the home town of Victoria *smiley winking*

Banos itself is a very touristy city, both for Ecuadorian tourists and gringos. We took the first day easy to organize some things, e.g. doing our laundry and drink some fresh lemonade and juice…

In Banos, you can find everything. Pimped cars, good restaurants, and not so well maintained bridges… We were not sure if we should take it, but there were horse drops around. Horses are heavier than we are, so…to keep it short, we made it and the bridge didn’t break!

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