Rapa Nui by scooter – continued

Day 3

5:00am! We will definitely beat the crowds visiting the Moai at sunrise!

Unfortunately the sunrise is on the other side of the island, its pitch dark (no street lamps), the road has quite some pot holes, we have a scooter… and it is raining *smiley annoyed* Don’t ask how, but we made it well before any sun light was hitting the horizon and enjoyed a dramatic looking scenery

And I guess a new member of the Bonn-Roller-Community was born that day too…

However the driver that made it through the dark – and back home perfectly timed for breakfast – safe earned some reward for the rest of the day!?

Yes, he did get some reward: Off to one of the the two only “major” beaches on Rapa Nui

You can’t hold a real Roller-driver away from it’s goals!
We are well equipped to deal with every situation!

Iris could not decide whether she prefers…

Luckily there are a couple of them located directly at the beach

And then there was this strange “cat” that Iris attracted – and that we could not get rid off again for the next couple of days…some would call it a “dog”

Day 4

This day started slowly regarding sightseeing, as we urgently needed to organize some flights and hostels for French Polynesia – we simply never found enough time in South America to book ahead

One of the view not visited sites on the island was on our program this afternoon – Rano Kau (the third main volcano on Rapa Nui that are responsible for it’s triangular shape. As we already returned to scooter it was time for some physical exercise…

Directly on the crater rim is Orongo – an old ceremonial village – located. This village is part of a cult/religion that came after the tribal wars that toppled so many of the previously celebrated Moai. Most visible signs of this cult/religion today are some 50 houses here on the crater and some petroglyph in the stones around the village.

The way down was much easier…and just back home it was time for the big play with Iris’ toys

Day 5

Wrapping it all up, enjoying some last impressions of Hang Roa and surroundings, before walking to the International Airport again and taking off to Tahiti / French Polynesia!

That finally ends our stay in South America – an incredible 3 months that we really enjoyed!!!

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