Galapagos – two more nights in nature’s paradise and what to take away

We are leaving the boat after 5 packed days. So many impressions of the landscape, the wild animals above and below water.

Our heads are still circling around what we had the chance to see on the Galapagos islands. And we might still need a few days more to fully grasp, what made it so special to us. We just arrived on island of Santa Cruz. There is a small village and it does not belong to the National Park area. We stay another 2 nights here, walking to nearby beaches and looking at the local market. The first time on this trip we have the freedom to just while away a day.

Walking to a local coffee place, we pass by the really small fish market of the town. 6 stalls in a small U-shape directly at the waterfront. More or less stone tables, painted in blue. Locals debating about the prices for the catch of the day.

Behind some stalls on the walls sit a few pelicans. They keep a close eye on the scenery. Sometimes even make an attempt to jump over to the fish tables. But get chased away quickly by the local sellers.

While everybody focuses on the Pelicans, it happens…

A sea lion was smart enough to get close to one of the tables. Again a Pelican approached the fish and gets chased away. While all attention is on the bird, the sea lion makes a jump. He grabs the fish already half-wrapped in paper to be sold. Runs towards the water and is gone.

What a catch. Enjoy the meal *smiley winking*

Sitting with a coffee in the hands, pictures from the past days float by.

Fearless, yet more curious encounters.

Old lava fields making the landscape look like being on Mars. Dragon-like marine iguanas sun-bathing, looking like a relict from ancient times.

Wondering how loneliness feels for “Lonesome George”, the last of his species.

I don’t want to preach things to others. But experiencing this well protected spot of nature makes you think.

We should carefully consider what we do to the planet, what amazing beauty nature offers – and the obligation we have to protect it!

It’s time to say good-bye to the Galapagos islands today. We are heading back to the high altitudes in the Andes. Our next stop will bring us up to above 5000 meters at Cotopaxi volcano.

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